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Some of the most frequently asked questions:

Should I finish or replace my existing stairs and rails?

Hardwood stairs usually are refinishable where as railings are not as easy to sand and therefore often need to be replaced, especially if you are going from a dark colour to light colour.

Should I replace my carpet-grade stair or should I recap it?

More often it is more affordable to recap an existing set of stairs than it is to replace it. Often, the extra labour and wall repair are not as cost effective as recapping.

How hard is it to tighten my railings?

Generally speaking, the best way to resecure an existing railing is to completely take it apart and reinstall it as if it is a new installation.

Do you have a wide variety of products?

We deal with several railing distributors and therefore have access to any type of parts you require.



If you still have questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.